We All Deserved A Trip With Peace

“Hello world” feels like a massive understatement. After enduring the confines of quarantine and lockdowns, reminiscing about past journeys, I can imagine that many of you are already daydreaming and plotting your next grand adventures. Of course, it’s vital to prioritize safety and stay at home, but there’s no harm in jotting down the places you long to explore once the pandemic is behind us. The idea of embarking on a post-pandemic trip with friends, relatives, or cherished ones whom I’ve missed dearly fills me with excitement. Those long months of quarantine taught me the true value of spending time with myself and the wonderful people around me. Considering everything we’ve been through, I can confidently say that I deserve and crave a much-needed getaway trip.

Booking a beach hut or pitching a tent on a pretty undiscovered beach like Laki beach in Bataan. Nothing says peace and quiet like heading to a beach free of busy establishments (plus, this place is so low-key that they say nobody would catch you snapping a racy photoshoot by the waves). Make the trip more meaningful with the Hawaiian shirt for your team. Where we celebrate the spirit of love, peace, and psychedelic art! Step into a world of vibrant colors, trippy patterns, and symbols that defined an era of free-spiritedness and self-expression.

Embarking on a journey unlocks fresh opportunities for learning and personal development. Whether it’s arranging your transportation and accommodation or embracing a flexible schedule, explorations offer a chance to embrace post-pandemic changes with enthusiasm. And isn’t that precisely what we all seek?